GPIO Test Application Part 2 – Hardware

This post is part 2 of 6 of the GPIO Test Application. You can find the initial post here: GPIO Test Application part 1 – Overview.

The hardware portion of this project is quite simple. It uses just enough components to be able to test the different aspects of the GPIO, input, output and events monitoring.

This project can be easily realized with the components supplied in the Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 starter pack.


The following components are required:

  • 1 – Raspberry Pi 2
  • 1 – Breadboard
  • 2 – Push switch
  • 1 – Green LED
  • 1 – Red LED
  • 2 – 560Ω resistors
  • Wires


Here is the wiring diagram I created:

LogicGate Hardware_bb

I used the application Fritzing to draw my electronic diagram. I found it to be very adequate to put together a quick wiring diagram. The nice part about it is that it already contains the Raspberry Pi 2 as a component and you can just drag the wires to/from the pin you want to use.


Next step we’ll look at the Model portion of the application code. The model is used to control the GPIOs used to manipulate the electrical components supplied here.

Next: GPIO Test Application Part 3 – Model

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