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Why I’m writing this blog

Before going too far into the specific of Windows 10 Core IoT, I should define the guidelines of what I am trying to achieve with this blog.

As with any project, this blog needs objectives. Objectives helps guide development. They should be used to validate what you do on the project. And they can ultimately be used to identify success or failure.

Here are my objectives:

  1. Explore and learn the many different aspects of IoT. Form device building to cloud integration to user interfaces, there are a wide variety of IoT related subjects I want to explore.
  2. Leverage my software development knowledge to put together a system(s) and create re-usable components that will be useful for the development of IoT devices and infrastructure.
  3. Promote programming best practices and leverage OOP to build sound software systems to control IoT devices.
  4. Help other developers get started or do more with IoT.

As with any vision, I expect these objectives to evolve over time. But I think it should be enough get us started.


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