Why do I include the number of lines of code everywhere?

Whenever I write about a piece of software, I often include the number of files and lines of source code that compose that software. I usually use the notation (x files, y LOC). Generated code I write about Software Factory (SF) and code generation. I enjoy code generation because it is really cool and savesContinue reading “Why do I include the number of lines of code everywhere?”

Software Factory in a container

I’ve been moving my development towards micro-services, containers, and Kubernetes. One of my objectives with the new version of the Software Factory (SF) was to make the generation engine work in a container. The good news is: That I was able, for the first time, to successfully run the SF engine in a container yesterday.Continue reading “Software Factory in a container”

Why the Software Factory is the ultimate DRY machine?

Do not Repeat Yourself (DRY) is quite contentious these days. While it is one of the pillars of the SOLID principles, it is pretty easy to misinterpret and abuse. It is a balancing act between too much repetition and too much generalization. There are very few clear guidelines like so many other things in softwareContinue reading “Why the Software Factory is the ultimate DRY machine?”

How I fixed the interaction between micro-services for my generated code.

I’m currently working on an interesting problem: The interaction between micro-services. I have a solution already, but there are issues in some cases. I reached a point where it became problematic, and I really need this to work. This is a problem that is interesting at the best of times. In this case, though, IContinue reading “How I fixed the interaction between micro-services for my generated code.”

Time flies when you’re having fun!

WOW! Has it been 4 months already? I guess I have work to do on blogging… This post is about what happened between my last post in December and now, in April. I set out to create a new Software Factory (SF) solution to generate REST micro-services. I was expecting this would take a coupleContinue reading “Time flies when you’re having fun!”