Time flies when you’re having fun!

WOW! Has it been 4 months already? I guess I have work to do on blogging… This post is about what happened between my last post in December and now, in April. I set out to create a new Software Factory (SF) solution to generate REST micro-services. I was expecting this would take a coupleContinue reading “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Introducing the Software Factory

I’ve been providing bits and pieces of information about the Software Factory and what it does in my previous posts. I’ve stated that it is used to generate the entire system, but I’ve been quite vague about how this is done. In this post, I will start laying out how it works. What is inContinue reading “Introducing the Software Factory”

Code that writes code?

Code generation comes in many forms, shapes, and formats. Most of us already use code generation, often daily. Code is generated whenever you type “dotnet new …” or “ng generate …” or many other command-line tools. Or when Entity Framework requests data from a database, a SQL query is generated and then executed. Some codeContinue reading “Code that writes code?”