Hi, and welcome to my blog.

The first time I saw a program writing code, I knew I was hooked. Really! What could be better than software writing code?

I could imagine a world where: I would specify the behavior I wanted, and the program would write the code. Entire product lines could be constructed that way. Massive amounts of flawless code at the click of a button.

That was a long time ago; I was younger and eager. Today, my perspective has changed significantly; my knowledge and experience provide me with insights I could never have imagined at the time.

But that vision remains.

My name is Christian Lavigne. I have been programming computers since the mid-1980s and have been doing so professionally for well over 20 years. I worked on various applications, from large consumer-oriented commercial applications to enterprise-level web applications. I’ve been an employee, a consultant, and a contractor.

But now, I just write code that writes code.

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